ITINEO camping-cars


With Itineo, freedom is a low-profile motorhome.

Affordable, comfortable and practical:, our low-profile motorhomes are designed to give you the freedom to travel wherever and whenever you want.

By yourself, with your partner or as a family, rediscover the joy of exploring new horizons and living in the moment.
Our 2020 Collection adds a new dimension to all your trips with new designs, styles and clever storage solutions for you to fully enjoy every time you hit the road in your Itineo.


Travel takes on a whole new dimension

nouveauté 2020

New skirt shape

nouveauté 2020

New external décor

nouveauté 2020

New CITROËN EURO 6.2 engines with 20-litre AdBlue® tank

nouveauté 2020

New rear bumper

nouveauté 2020

New insulated storage area with sandwich panel technology (holds up to 300 kg)

New, larger storage area hatch for easier loading

Genuine attention to detail

nouveauté 2020

New metallic glossy white overhead cupboard doors and aluminium trim

nouveauté 2020

New door shape

nouveauté 2020

New laminate kitchen countertop finish, living room table laminate finish

nouveauté 2020

New spotlight with USB port

nouveauté 2020

New kitchen cupboard doors and drawers with metallic glossy white fronts

nouveauté 2020

New forward/backward facing conversion


Profilé ITINEO PM 740

PM740, 7,40 m

Central bed, face-to-face living room bench seats, inbuilt electric drop-down bed

Profilé ITINEO PJ 740

PJ740, 7,40 m

Two single beds, inbuilt electric drop-down bed